Particle Editor 3 (for Alive or standalone Lightstone)

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The Clinical version of Alive allows for unlimited users and includes Advanced Graph Training, Session Review, and many best-in-class clinical features: Unlimited user profiles with reset privileges, orientation bypass (Main Menu unlock), and Skin conductance data (Lightstone sensor version only).

Alive Clinical Version benefits

  • A growing library of clinical training tips and indications written by Yuval Oded of Psy-Phi, including the robust Clinical Version User Guide
  • Train with an unlimited number of clients per license
  • Train using Skin Conductance (SCL/GSR) — Lightstone sensors only
  • Train using detailed Heart Rate, HRV, BVP, and Skin Conductance graphs
  • View graphs and add comments on your monitor while a client plays Alive on another monitor
  • Per-session analysis of Heart Rate, Smoothness (coherence), and Skin Conductance
  • Skip the coach introduction, disable the coach suggestions, change difficulty levels
  • Export data to Excel, Kubios HRV, or any statistical analysis software using the raw BVP, SCL, and HR data files saved for every session

Leave stress behind in a fascinating world of visual environments. Each of 100 mini-game environments responds to stress levels measured by your heart rate and finger sweat —allowing you to control the audio and visual environment with your mind.

Particle Editor has been proven in clinical settings to be an effective biofeedback tool for physiotherapists to use with patients of all ages. The appeal of the music and visual environments within Particle Editor is universal! Everyone loves the power to have an effect on the world around them.

Globally, programs including Particle Editor have helped people improve their ability to concentrate and more calmly advance toward achieving life goals. These programs have also helped people with health advisories or demanding physical careers reduce the strain that is regularly put on their hearts.

Why Particle Editor?

    • Improves performance in school, sports and at work.
    • Adults learn to stay relaxed in challenging situations.
    • Kids learn how to relax while playing a video game.