Healing Rhythms (Software Only)

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Healing Rhythms Software Only Edition works with your current The Journey to Wild Divine LightStone hardware. Biofeedback hardware is required but not included with this product. Developed in collaboration with the leading experts in the field of wellness, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra, & Dr. Dean Ornish, Healing Rhythms delivers over 30 new mind/body training exercises in a step-by-step, comprehensive program. And, along with the very best biofeedback events from The Passage and Wisdom Quest, we've incorporated a new biofeedback Grapher module into the program so you can track your body's rhythms as you begin to reduce stress and improve your physical and mental well-being. Even more, there is a beautiful 90-page training guide to help you learn to incorporate your new skills into your daily life. Experience the benefits of active well-being with Healing Rhythms and achieve a new level of well-being that promotes better sleep, better relationships, and a balanced and healthy lifestyle. With Healing Rhythms, You'll Learn:

  • Step-by-step techniques to manage stress and increase wellness
  • Tips to help you integrate these exercises into your daily life
  • Tools to help you customize your own personal practice