Handbook of Neurofeedback (Chapter 5)

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Handbook of Neurofeedback is a comprehensive introduction to this rapidly growing field, offering practical information on the history of neurofeedback, theoretical concerns, and applications for a variety of disorders encountered by clinicians, including ADHD, depression, autism, aging, and traumatic brain injury. Using case studies and a minimum of technical language, the field's pioneers and most experienced practitioners discuss emerging topics, general and specific treatment procedures, training approaches, and theories on the efficacy of neurofeedback.

Handbook of Neurofeedback includes historical notes and speculation of the future of neurofeedback from a neurotherapist who's also an inventor/producer of neurofeedback equipment. There's also a very detailed theory on neurofeedback, including speculation on how and why neurofeedback training results in the alleviation of symptoms in a wide range of disorders; a review of procedures, including the ROSHI approach and other means of modifying the EEG; and a look at emerging approaches, including coherence/phase training, inter-hemispheric training, and the combination of neurofeedback and computerized cognitive training.