Dual Drive Pro w/Finger Sensors

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Somatic Vision's off-road racing game, Dual Drive Pro, is packed with new consumer and clinical features, including user management, session recording, session review, progress reports, and graph training. Dual Drive Pro's beautiful graphics, 7 customizable race cars, and 9 off-road levels make it a hit for kids and adults alike. Dual Drive Pro is easy to use and starts off with a useful introduction that teaches you how to breathe to raise your heart rate variability. While playing Dual Drive Pro a breath pacer continues to help you breathe for optimal relaxation. Dual Drive Pro is completely customizable for advanced users, and point and click simple for first-time users and kids. This game will be an excellent choice for clinicians working with kids or parents who have a child they want relaxed while playing a fun video game.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Wild Divine Lightstone or Healing Rhythms
  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Intel Pentium IV Processor
  • 128 Mb OpenGL Video Card
  • 512 MB RAM CD-ROM drive
  • 500 MB of Disk Space