ADD: The 20-Hour Solution (10 pack)

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This book by Mark Steinberg, PhD and Siegfried Othmer, PhD describes a powerful remedy for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in straightforward language that every reader will understand. The authors specialize in the use of EEG biofeedback techniques (also called neurofeedback) for the attention, behavior, mood, and learning problems of children and adults. ADD: The 20-Hour Solution explains everything that parents of children or adults with ADD or ADHD need to know about how neurofeedback techniques work.

ADD: The 20-Hour Solution explains the self-healing capacities of the human brain and how it can learn or re-learn the self-regulatory mechanisms that are basic to its normal design and function. The authors define mental fitness and explain the role of EEG neurofeedback in bringing about tangible improvement for those struggling with ADD.